Welcome Message from the Chancellor

Welcome Message from the Chancellor




Covenant University is a royal academy birthed on the platform of a compelling vision to raise a new generation of leaders for the Continent of Africa. It is indeed the birth place of "kings and queens". However, without a dream you can not ascend a throne. Only dreamers become leaders, and only committed dreamers become great leaders. It is therefore not your environment and your career but your dream that defines your limits.

Covenant University is a dream centre. As students of this great 'dream varsity' my earnest charge to you is to quickly catch a dream, and let it drive the best out of you throughout your stay in this university and for life.

Without a dream every talent and skill you acquire will be squandered as it is your dream that gives value to your talents and skills. A man without a dream is doomed, his talents and skills notwithstanding.

Without a goal firing your imagination, there is a limit to how far you can go. It is your imagination that sets the pace for your destination. No one can be his best without a dream, you can not build any career beyond the size of your dream, as it is your dream that defines the limits of your destiny.

It is worth noting as you settle down to your studies on this campus, that it is your dream that will provide a defining mark for your life style, making you a responsible student, complying with the royal rules and regulations of the University with delight. Because of the dream of biblical Joseph, he was the most disciplined slave you would ever meet. His royalty ruled his life style. He kept seeing a throne ahead of him, and from there he moved to the palace on a platform powered by a passionate destiny-moulding dream.

Only a serious approach guarantees a glorious result. There is no short cut to any place worth going. Edmund Hilary, the first man that conquered Mount Everest, said, "It is not the mountain that we conquered but ourselves",

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You are therefore expected to be truly committed to the pursuit and actualization of your dream in order to become solution providers.

It is on this premise that Covenant University has put in place a set of rules and regulations in its Student Handbook which as it were can be called the 'University Royal Law' designed to help every student to enjoy a successful tenure here at Covenant University.

Every decree enacted there, is designed to groom you and not to grieve you. No regulation there is put in place to punish you but to polish you.

The world is in dire need of leaders who will take the current state of our national context out of the woods. And God has seen you worthy of that by placing you at Covenant University. May you not abuse this privilege of destiny.

You are again welcome to this royal academy, a 'dream varsity' and we request you to catch a dream and take a throne.

David O. Oyedepo Ph.D