The Establishment and Training department of Registry makes effort to identify whether the employee’s current job responsibilities require training and development. It also reasonably anticipates available positions for which the employee qualifies or could become qualified, and identify training and development needs for these positions. The Unit demonstrates a commitment to continuous skill development through employee development resources available from the University and other sources

It organizes induction training courses for newly recruited staff for both teaching and non-teaching staff of the University.

Employees are encouraged to cultivate their job security by taking advantage of training through the University Establishment and Training office.

In year 2006, a one-day workshop was organized for Secretaries, Office Assistants and allied staff titled “The Demand of Efficiency and Effectiveness in our Drive to Excellence: The Role of Secretaries and Allied Staff”. The impact was tremendous!

Also, another training workshop has been approved for the University Security Operatives and Community titled “University Security Management Stategies”

The Unit is planning to train as many segments of the University in 2006.

Training Fees
All training programs offered by the University Establishment and Training Unit are free.