Filling Positions

Filling Positions



This policy applies to teaching, professional, administrative, and other supporting staff.

All persons who apply for a positions are given equal consideration regardless of their age, colour, disability, ethnicity, marital status, national origin and race. However, recruitment strategies for both academic and non-teaching staff focus on applicants that are:i. Brilliant and focused
ii. Committed
iii. Diligent
iv. Visionary
v. God-fearing and spiritually receptive

• Position announcement is either through newspaper advertisement, church announcement or posting on notice boards around the University and other strategic locations.

• When there is a vacancy in a department, the Establishment and Training Unit is notified through the Registrar who approves the filling of position. The Unit is to post the position vacancy on appropriate bulletin boards, or be able to demonstrate that the position vacancy was clearly communicated to applicants who will apply for consideration.

• In determining an applicant’s qualifications, factors to consider include, but are not limited to the following:

a. Experience
b. Past Performance
c. Ability to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable supervision.
d. Educational background
e. Ability and qualifications to perform the work competently, with or without reasonable supervision
f. Ability to abide by the core values of the University
g. Determination whether the applicant is spiritually filled

• All relevant factors are to be considered fully. When such factors are to be relatively equal between two or more candidates, the applicants are ranked by their score points.
• The Panel on interview makes recommendation for final selection.
• A standard employment aptitude test may be conducted to shortlist candidates for interview.