Establishment & Training Unit

Establishment & Training Unit



About the Department

The priorities and frame work for the activities of Establishment and Training Department of Registry were derived from the University’s people strategy. Our employment philosophy therefore is, that we are dedicated to the establishment and development of a workforce that helps fulfill the mission and goals of the University by providing the supportive services for our students.

The Establishment and Training worked in partnership with faculty and staff to ensure that the relationship between the University and its employee was respectful, fair and consistently supportive of the overall mission and vision of the University.

The followings were the cardinal program of the Unit:

• A framework to support the recruitment and retention of first class talent, appropriate to the required roles, particularly in world class research and high quality teaching.
• A workforce that is competent, committed, creative and capable of managing and responding to change.
• A culture and an environment that motivates and enables people to make excellent contributions and to be committed to the University vision of excellence.
• Policies that support high performance and value and reward the contribution of all categories of staff.
• Providing support for the creation of career management processes and succession planning
• Improving retention rates by analyzing staff turnover data and identifying the root cause of staff leaving