There shall be a Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee to look into cases of misconduct.

Terms of Reference
The terms of reference of the Committee shall be:-
1. To investigate, consider and determine all disciplinary cases involving members of the Senior Staff of the University, except the Principal Officers as established by the University or any other member of staff as Council may direct, provided always that any member of staff aggrieved by a decision of the Committee may appeal to Council for reconsideration within twenty-one days of the decision of the Committee.

The following procedure shall be adopted:
1. The cases requiring disciplinary measures shall first be reported to the Registrar who shall invite comments from the member of staff concerned.

2. The report and the comments shall be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor, who shall refer same to Committee;

3. The Committee, after receiving the report and comments, shall consider same and determine the nature of the alleged offence committed by the member of staff concerned; thereafter the Committee shall proceed as follows:
• Where it satisfied that there is no offence committed y the said member of staff, or where it is satisfied that it has no jurisdiction over the matter, the Committee shall dispose of the matter as it deems fit;
• Where it is satisfied that an offence has been committed and that the offence lies within its jurisdiction, the Committee shall, where necessary, appoint a Panel to investigate the matter. Such Panel shall consider representations by the member of staff and others concerned and report to the Committee for appropriate action.
• Where a prima facie case is established by the Committee, it shall direct that the member of staff concerned by notified of the nature of the offence committed and that he/she show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against him/her for the offence alleged.

Tape Recording/Verbatim Report
The Panel appointed to carry out an investigation should feel free to use any lawful means at its disposal to ascertain the facts of the situation. It may decide to obtain written reports and to interview the accused person(s), the complainant(s), the eye-witnesses, other persons, who can help the Panel in its work. The tape-recording and/or verbatim report of proceedings in shorthand (for transcription and detailed analysis at a later stage) can be used by the Panel (depending, of course, on the nature of the case). These will ensure that investigations are thorough and that missing links in written allegations and written self-defence are identified and taken into account.

Open Interrogation
The Committee can allow open interrogation if found necessary, but this should not be made a standing rule since the Staff Disciplinary Committee should not be seen as constituting itself into a Court of Law.

Gradation of Discipline
The Committee’s disciplinary measures shall be based on the rank order from the mildest to the most severe, and shall be applied according to the nature and the gravity of the offence and the offender’s previous records.