Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs



The Objectives of Academic Affairs Office

To provide excellent atmosphere for academic sojourn and academic practice through provision of most current information for a most efficient academic interaction. This is accomplished through the following Units:

The Academic Registration Unit

The Academic Registration Unit through interaction and collaborative effort with College Officers, Heads of Units, etc. develops measures and implements University decisions as relates to students’ academic improvement, retention and graduation.

All Students are expected to pay the prescribed sessional fees on or before resumption and the Unit ensures compliance to this provision before students are allowed to participate in any University activity.

The first three days of resumption are usually dedicated to registration. The process takes students through the following registration points:

Finance Office to confirm that all required and prescribed fees have been paid;
College Office to collect registration kit containing registration forms and information bulletin;
Course Advisers to get appropriate advice/counsel for the type of courses available, required, compulsory and elective;

Head of Department for monitoring and signing of registration forms;
Dean of College to approve and counter- sign the students registration forms;
Data centre for students to personally input the courses registered for into the University Central Computer System;

Academic Affairs Office for students to submit copies of registration forms and computer print – out of registered courses; all of which are kept in the students’ personal files in the Registry for future and record purposes;

Student Affairs Office where the student is allocated a bed space in the Hall of Residence; and
Health Centre where students are examined and their medical records collected and stored in the system for future use.

The Academic & Course Administration Unit

This Unit directs and manages the administrative functions related to the various academic programs, policies and services which respond to the academic development and retention needs of students. It is concerned with improving communication and coordination between the Registry, Student Affairs and the Colleges; as well as improving and strengthening academic advising at all levels.

The Unit also assists students with certain challenges ranging from finance to health, who could no longer continue their studies and wish to defer or suspend their programs. Applications are usually collected from such students and processed for Senate approval. Letters of such approval are given to affected students stating conditions for resumption and deferment period.

The University attaches great importance to attendance of students at classroom lectures; hence the Academic Administration Unit monitors students’ compliance to the lecture Attendance requirement. Each lecturer is made to record each student’s regularity and punctuality in class. Such students’ records are compiled by College Officers for onward transmission to the Senior Assistant Registrar ( Academics) who will scrutinize it to discover erring students and recommend appropriate sanctions. The University insists that students should record 90% attendance, any student with 75% to 90% is sanctioned while a student who records less than 75% attendance in any course is deemed to have failed that course.

Any student wishing to change his/her course can do so within two weeks of resumption provided he/she satisfies all University requirements for the desired course. The student will have to pay the appropriate fees, fill all necessary forms and get required approval from all necessary quarters before appearing at the Academic Affairs Office for confirmation of such change of course.

In addition, the Academic Administration Unit supervises matters relating to matriculation and graduation and ensures that all students are given unique matriculation numbers which they use throughout their stay in the University.

The Senate Affairs Unit

Presently, the Academic Affairs Office coordinates the activities of the University Senate as follows:

It sensitises all University Departments and Units concerning matters of Senate attention
It receives and processes submissions from the Departments and Units for Senate consideration.
It arranges regular meetings of the Business Committee of Senate to look into the submissions and make recommendations to Senate.
It arranges for regular meetings of the Senate.
It keeps proper records of all matters relating to Senate Meetings – Attendance Register, Minutes Book, Papers for consideration etc.
It issues memos to different Units of the University informing of Senate decisions.
It monitors to ensure that Senate decisions and resolutions are carried out to specification.